Astral Pex-A PRO

Astral Pex-a PRO, a next generation hot and cold plumbing system is made of cross-linked polyethylene pipes. The cross linking technology is a process where polyethylene molecules form links between the polymeric chain, making it the next generation plumbing system with futuristic capabilities and characteristics. Astral Pex-a PRO system is based on expansion ring technology. The pipes and fittings are joined with simple applications of expansion using the plastic memory of the Pex-a PRO pipes. This unique joining system provides water tight, compact and recessed system with leak protection, easy renovation and chemical-free installation. The Pex-a PRO plumbing system can also be installed using manifold hydraulic system, which provides a distribution element in a special wall mount cabinet, which supplies all draw-off points, which are connected and controlled individually. The manifold combined with pipe-in-pipe system ensures easy repair and maintenance as well as leak protection.

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A Revolutionary Piping System with Expansion Ring Technology


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