Astral Column Pipes

Astral Bore-Well Column pipes are used for bringing out underground stream water via submersible pumps. Astral Bore-Well pipes are lead-free and heavy metal free and have unique features and benefits compared to conventional column pipes. Astral Bore-Well pipes undergo stringent testing under critical field conditions to meet or exceed the actual field requirements of products available for similar applications.

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Standards & Specifications – Unique features of Astral Bore-well Pipes

  • Double SS Stud Pin Lock System – for stable performance
  • Special Compound – for endurance and durability
  • Lead-free and Heavy Metal Free uPVC for 100% Hygenic / safe for drinking water
  • EPDM Ring for watertight joints
  • Square Threads– for additional strength against tensile load
  • Thick & Thin process with annealing on pipes-for enhancing mechanical properties of the pipes


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