Astral D-Rex

D-Rex is an innovative product described as a structured wall piping system of PE/PP with smooth internal and corrugated (profiled) external surface. The corrugated (profiled) external surface of the D-Rex pipes gives the product excellent ring stiffness (load bearing capacity). Unlike plain pipes, D-Rex pipes do not deform under vehicular traffic load. Furthermore, since these pipes are moderately flexible, they can be aligned comfortably even in gradually bending paths.

The inner wall, which is fused with the outer wall, is smooth and facilitates laminar flow of liquids/slurry. This results in lesser possibilities of pipe clogging, deposition of debris in the pipe path etc.

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D-Rex stands high as compared to the conventional options owing to its advantages and cost-economic viability, and is a popular product among the end users and contractors.


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