Kirloskar Jalraj Ultra

Shielded Ball Bearing
The low noise pumps are fitted with shielded ball bearing; so, no external lubrication is required throughout the life cycle.
High Efficiency and Energy Saving Design
Innovative design manufactured at state of the art, plant ensures optimum efficiency and lower energy consumption resulting in significant cost savings.
Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts
Minimum vibrations protect components from damage during operation, resulting in consistent performance as concentricity is maintained.
Easy Maintainable Designs
Easy maintainable design and better interchangeability of components ensures that the pump can be serviced even at remote locations by semi-skilled technicians.
TOP – Thermal Overload Protector
The pumpset features a thermal overload protector that protects the motor from overloading, shielding the motor and associated circuit from the effects of fault current.
Lightweight and Compact Design
It allows user to carry the pump anywhere with ease, adding to its portability and onvenience of use.
High Suction Lift
The pump has suction lift capacity of up to 7.5 metres with high head, facilitating pumping of water at high volumes for avariety of applications.
High Quality Aluminium Motor Body
Special grade aluminium motor body ensures high resistance to corrosion, better heat dissipation and lowers the pump’s overall weight for great portability.
Enhanced Safety Features
All electrical parts of the pump are covered, which makes it safer to use.
Wide Voltage Design
The motor is designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations ranging from 180 – 260 volts, thus reducing the possibility of motor burning in case of low voltage

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Head : Upto 40 meters
Capacity : Upto 3350 LPH
Power Rating : 0.37 to 0.75 kW / 0.5 to 1.0 HP
Voltage Range : 180 to 260 Volts (Single Phase)


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