Kirloskar Eterna

High Efficiency and Energy Saving Design
innovative design manufactured at state of art plant, delivers optimum efficiency at lower energy consumption resulting in significant cost savings.
Easy Maintainable Designs
Easy maintainable design and better interchangeability of components so that pump can be serviced even at remote locations by semi-skilled technicians.
Robust Construction
Heavy duty construction made from graded cast iron, carbon + silicon carbide mechanical seal makes the pump suitable for sewage and sludge.
Replaceable Wearing Parts
All wearing parts within the pumps are easily accessible and replaceable which facilitates ease of maintenance thereby extending the life of the pump.
Dynamically Balanced Rotating Parts
Minimum vibrations protect components from damages during the operations, thus ensuring consistent performance as concentricity is maintained.

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Head Range : Upto 70 Metres
Discharge Range : Upto 4800 LPM
Power Rating : 0.75 to 15 kW (1 to 20 HP)
Voltage Range : 380 to 440 Volts (Three phase.)
pH Value : 6.5 to 7.5

Maximum Density : < 1050 kg/m^3
Protection : IP 68
Consistency of Medium : < 1.2 x 10^3 kg/m^3
Maximum Ambient Temperature : 40 °C
Insulation : “B”/ “E”Class

-Sewage pumping
-Dewatering from basements, multi-storeys, Shopping Malls, Godowns
-Construction site
-Dewatering foundation, trenches and pits
-Flood water handling

Impeller : Cast Iron
Delivery Casing : Cast Iron
Motor Body : Cast Iron
Pump Shaft : Carbon Steel


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