L&T Motor Starter

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Type :DOL Starter Cat No. :SS96210 Motor Rating (KW) :5.5 Motor Rating (Hp) :7.5 Rated Voltage :415 V
MK1 DOL Starter Contactor Type: 10 MM, Overload Relay: 6 x 10 with easy replaceable heavy-duty fixed and moving contacts and Coil Voltage range between 240-440 Volts with easy replacement of coil. Thermal Overload Relay ensures Overload Protection and manual reset facility.

Direct On line
Electrically Operated Air Break

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L&T LK Motor Starter
Brand: L&T
Model: MKI SS96210
Current Rating: 14-15 Amperes (Current Range)
Voltage: 260 V Coil Voltage
Starter: Type DOL
Suitable For: Submersible Pump (Exclusively for pump handling water)
Frequency: 50 Hz
Current Type: AC
Phase Type: 3 Phase
Number Of Cycles: 50


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