Honda Power Sprayer

Power sprayer pumps are known to be an easy and green alternative in the market due to their fuel efficiency. It is a medium-sized device that comes with either a horizontal triplex pump or a Htp Power Sprayer. It also comes with an air cooler and a double stroke petrol engine that funnels all the liquid into the tank through a brass metal pump. As powerful as this may be, production is not effective by a large margin and ensures that a large amount of land is covered without waste as little as possible.

HTP Power Sprayer for Spraying Includes : Engine : Honda Gx80 Engine ( 2HP ) Pump : 18L Pump Chasis (Frame) : Backpack Chasis (*Colour may vary)

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One of the biggest gifts for farmers in their profession is power sprayer for agriculture. Power sprayers use a mechanism that is simple to operate and also accomplishes the task efficiently. It is a piece of agricultural equipment that is powerful and capable of producing large amounts of pressure with ease. With the increasing demand for food, this mechanical device helps to solve the problem between supply and demand, thereby increasing agricultural productivity by a large margin.


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