Honda Generator EP 1000

Due to the Honda’s innovative technology, this new age generator is so silent that you might actually want to check if its on. In fact to make it a complete standby power source, every possible detail has been kept in mind while designing its features.

Easy Start
Easy Start facility due to manual recoil starter.

Circuit Breaker
An inbuilt Circuit Breaker prevents the alternator from being damaged in case of a short circuit.

Fuel Efficiency
Honda world proven 4-Stroke Technology ensures high fuel efficiency.

Service Network
A countrywide network of over 600 dealers spread across the country makes after-sales service and spares easily available.

Easy To Carry
Honda Handy Series Gensets are easy to carry.

Oil Alert System
Honda Portable Gensets have an Oil Alert System that prevents Engine Seizure due to low oil level.

Options of Unleaded Petrol fuels available.

Noise And Air Regulation
Special muffling minimizing noise levels. Meeting national standards of air emission regulation.

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EP 1000

EP1000 is a very compact and light weight Portable Generator equipped with Honda’s advanced 4-Stroke Technology providing unmatched fuel efficiency and extremely low noise operation.

  • 750 VA
  • Petrol Run, Recoil Start


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