Astral Vito

Focusing on innovations on every curve, here’s another category first in the Water Tank segment! A water tank with Anti-microbial Technology against bacteria, virus, fungi and algae. Astral Vito Water Tanks are equipped with an innovative inner layer that has embedded active copper particles. This unique technology with active copper fortification keeps the water fresh, clean and free from harmful microbes at all times. In this technology, active copper is impregnated within the polymer system so that the leeching of copper to the human body over threshold limits is prevented and at the same time, the Anti-viral / Anti-microbial copper shield remains active throughout its life cycle. As this unique protective shield regularly neutralizes the virus / bacteria, frequent deep cleaning of the tank is not required. This technology provides round the clock protection as the surface does not allow bio-film (of bacteria / virus / fungi / algae) to develop hence the water remains free from all types of harmful biological contamination.

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Water Storage Tanks with Anti-Viral Copper Shield


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